Mayor's Report - State of our Economy

Mayor's Report - State of our Economy

$1.38 billion of new private capital investment for recently completed or pending economic developments are occurring now in Southaven.  Did I say, billion?  How much is a billion?  A billion is one thousand millions!  Again, 1.38 billion dollars has recently been invested or soon will be in our city!

If I widen my scope for a moment, I must acknowledge that all of us are affected by current national economic factors, many of which are not good, so let me narrow my focus again and continue sharing some information with you that is good.  In my daily walk of life in Southaven, it’s common for people to stop me and say, “Man, there’s a lot going on in Southaven these days!”  Or, “Mayor, Wow! Southaven is hopping right now!”  Obviously, you can ride through our city and tell that economic development is thriving, but it is important for me to communicate to our citizens just how much.  Economic demand in Southaven has never been higher.  These new developments will add to the amenities and quality of life for our citizens, but also pay large financial dividends to all of our citizens through general fund tax dollars.  The new property and sales taxes that these developments bring will allow our city to continue growing our public safety services, resurface more streets and enhance all other amenities while continuing to stabilize property tax rates.  While real estate and economic principles determine the amount of demand in any given location, we know that development anywhere in our city benefits everyone regardless of where you live.

We cultivate and celebrate both new developments in undeveloped areas and redevelopment in our built-out business districts.  The West End redevelopment is naturally slower as it is the oldest with the lowest demand but many strides have been made in recent years and recruiting is ongoing.  The following developments in our established Goodman corridor, Metropolitan District (Church Rd), and other isolated areas throughout our city total $321 million:

Kia Dealership

Honda Dealership


Raising Cane’s

Staybridge Hotel

Hyatt House Hotel

Element by Westin Hotel

Kentucky Fried Chicken-Goodman/Malone

Monahan Farms Project

Stonecrest Mixed-Use/Retail (Church/Airways)

Church Crossing Retail (Airways South of Church)

Cherry Tree Commercial Office Complex

College Office Complex (Getwell South)

Embassy Suites (Pepperchase at Landers Center)

It’s obvious that demand is higher nowhere else than the Getwell corridor and the Snowden District. The first entertainment district that I envisioned and discussed over a decade ago has become real with the similar visions and investments of key private developers.  Silo Square is hugely successful, but there are many other outstanding developments pending in this business district on the west side of Getwell and several hundred million pending that will be connected by the bridge and new pedestrian paths on the east side of Getwell.  Over $1 billion dollars of development will soon be vertical in this district alone!  Here are some of the outstanding developments:

Silo Square Mixed-Use/Commercial/Residential

Desoto Square

Provost Mixed-Use

Highlander Mixed-Use

Crossover Retail/Recreational

Top of the Sip Mixed-Use, Recreational, Restaurant


Let it Fly Sports Restaurant

Firebird’s Restaurant

Fairfield Inn & Suites Hotel

Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel

Ritolo’s Restaurant

Silo Grocery

Serenity Pointe Assisted Living/Residential

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream & Wildwood Office Park

Snowden Farms Commercial

Snowden Grove Commercial


Central BBQ Restaurant

Tekila Restaurant

Georgia Blue Restaurant

Silo Dental

Finally, with this explosive growth comes tremendous challenges with transportation infrastructure and public safety.  The City has and will continue to expand personnel as well as a new Police East Precinct opening later this summer and Fire Station #5 late this year.  Snowden Lane widening and the Nail Road extension connecting Getwell and Tchulahoma are currently in design with construction following these $2.6 and $6.8 million projects, respectively.  Swinnea and McIngvale Roads were connected and opened recently by the County and the City will widen the Swinnea intersections at Star Landing and Church Roads and adjust signalization.  The I-55/Church Interchange widening is projected to be under construction in 2026 as well.  Many more road extension and widening projects are in our comprehensive plan.

$1.38 billion?  Amazing!  Hang on for the ride, Southaven!